My name is Alexander Pacha. I was born in Vienna and I am a software developer and research engineer at Enote.

I studied software engineering at the TU WienTU München, University of Augsburg and the University of Canterbury (New Zealand). Before that, I attended a technical high-school that focused on network technology and inspired by my mentor Robert Baumgartner developed my passion for software development.

But I am not only an engineer. I am also a passionate musician. More information about that can be found on the site Music.

My dream is to unify the two worlds: Software Engineering and Music. Programming an app that can sight-play printed music has already brought me one step closer to this goal. Following up on that dream, I became a researcher, conducting research in the field of Optical Music Recognition at the TU Wien, excellently supervised by Horst Eidenberger. In July 2019, I officially completed my studies with a doctoral degree.

Since 2019, I teach Applied Deep Learning at the TU Wien.